Current Projects

Gothic Historical Fantasy Novel – The Grail Maidens

The Once and Future Witches + Fingersmith

When Elaine Grey accepts a position as the magical tutor and companion of the heiress of Staircliff Hall, an ancient manor home perched on the cliffs of Cornwall, she finds herself beset by mysteries and dark magic. Eager to pursue her grail quest in her new home, Elaine drags her companion into a web of magic and history that will change them both – and perhaps open the door to a future they’ve hardly dared imagine.

This project is currently out on query to agents.

Thornhill House

M/M Georgian Cinderella novel with a magical crumbling castle and the fae – a bit like Howl’s Moving Castle meets Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Summerhaven was the world’s least aptly-named house. A tiered monolith of half-timbered stone, it was seated on top of the hill overlooking the village among a tangle of dark, dripping oak and ash and thorn trees. It was built by Charles Summerhaven’s grandfather, William Bramley, as a sort of country house – a cool retreat from the faerie court of London, like the chateaus of the French. The result was half hunting lodge, half cold and damp faerie palace.

The locals had another name for the house: Thornhill House. It was an old name, the name for the parts of the house that were built by the fae, the name for the house’s crumbling stone tower and the miles of tunnels dug into the hill beneath. When William Bramley built Summerhaven, he merely added onto what was already there, and so Summerhaven was grafted like the branch of an ornamental fruit tree to the wild, strangling vine of Thornhill House.

Charles Summerhaven might have been a penniless ward of his uncle, but he wouldn’t always be. By some convoluted rule of inheritance, when Uncle George died, Charles’s older cousin Lucas would inherit Summerhaven. But Charles would inherit Thornhill House.

This project is still in the very early drafting stages!