“What Remains to Wake” in Issue 5 of The Deadlands

Issue 5 of The Deadlands was released to subscribers last night, and along with it my story “What Remains to Wake.” The Deadlands is a pro market edited by Catherine Tobler, formerly of Shimmer.

“What Remains to Wake” explores all of my complicated thoughts and fears about bodily autonomy and the power and terror of motherhood using an older version of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. This version was called “The Sun, Moon, and Talia,” and, if you’re interested, you can read a version of it here. It’s from this tale that I got the anchoring line of my story: “Eat, Eat. You are eating of your own.” In my version, the king’s jealous wife, however, became Sleeping Beauty’s mother-in-law – furthering the themes of motherhood and the things we do to protect our children.

The full issue is currently available to subscribers, and “What Remains to Wake” will be free to read on The Deadlands’ site on October 14th.

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