New Story Forthcoming from Uncanny in 2022

I’m so excited to announce that I recently sold a story to Uncanny Magazine, to be published in 2022!

Wow, 2022! Wasn’t it just 2020? The past few years feel like a blur…

Anyway, I’m super excited to be working with Lynne and Michael from Uncanny again – they published my story “The Nine Scents of Sorrow,” which was nominated for a 2021 World Fantasy Award. They put so much joy and hard work into editing and promoting the stories they buy for Uncanny.

“Bramblewilde” is set in a fantastic Regency Era, and, similarly to “The Nine Scents of Sorrow,” plays a lot with gender and class. “Bramblewilde” also features a character that keeps showing up in my work – I hope you like them, because you might see them again one day!

This is a story that is especially close to my heart, one I tried to tell in several different ways that weren’t working before finally discovering a version I’m happy with. It was written while struggling with my own family dynamic and relationship to my parents. This comes out in “Bramblewilde” in a lot of ways – that thorny tangle of love, guilt, hurt, and abuse – though I hope the story also remains a fun fairy tale with some of Austen’s biting social commentary.

I don’t have a hard publication date yet, but I will provide an update when I do!

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