“Bramblewilde” is now live at Uncanny Magazine!

“Bramblewilde” is now free to read on Uncanny Magazine’s website!

“Bramblewilde” has:

  • One vine-covered cottage
  • Two members of fairy royalty
  • Three fake marriages
  • Four angry mothers
  • The greatest number of em-dashes ever used in a single story

This is a story that’s especially close to my heart, one I tried to tell several different ways that weren’t working before finally hitting upon a version I’m happy with. It contains a lot of my feelings around queerness, found family, and difficult familial relationships, and was written while struggling with my own family dynamic and relationship to my parents. This comes out in “Bramblewilde” in a lot of ways – that thorny tangle of love, guilt, hurt, and abuse – though I hope the story also remains a fun fairy tale with some of Austen’s biting social commentary.

The character of “Bramblewilde” themself keeps showing up in my writing, so I especially hope you like them – you might be seeing more of them one day!

I was additionally interviewed by Caroline M. Yoachim for this issue.

I usually struggle to find enough to say in these types of situations, but I think this interview went really well. Due to its personal nature, I have a lot of thoughts around “Bramblewilde,” especially regarding queerness, found family, difficult relationships… and my favorite things about fairy tales!

I hope you give “Bramblewilde” and the interview a read, and feel free to let me know your thoughts below!

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