“Bramblewilde” in Uncanny Issue 47

Uncanny Issue 47 is out – and look at that incredible cover!

Seriously, I’m in love with this one.

Issue 47 includes my story “Bramblewilde,” a Regency fairy tale exploring class, gender, and rebellion (but, like, in a fun way).

“Bramblewilde” has:

  • One vine-covered cottage
  • Two members of fairy royalty
  • Three fake marriages
  • The greatest number of em dashes ever used in a single story

I’m also interviewed in this issue by Caroline M. Yoachim. I really enjoyed answering Caroline’s questions, and getting an opportunity to talk about why I love fairy tales, the easiest and hardest parts of writing “Bramblewilde” (characters vs. tapping into my own trauma), and the themes of love, belonging, and found family.

This story was both challenging and really fun to write, and features a character who keeps popping up in my writing. I hope you enjoy “Bramblewilde” the story and Bramblewilde the character as much as I do!

The full issue, including “Bramblewilde,” is available for purchase now in ebook format. “Bramblewilde” will be released free to read online on August 2nd.

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